Friday, August 1, 2008

Waiting...but enjoying it

We are enjoying the summer here! Initially Mark was supposed to start work for URS on August 4 but because of all the paperwork that has to be processed before he can start the date has been pushed back until August 18 and I am not one bit upset. In fact I am LOVING these couple of weeks we are having as a family before we begin life in the "real" world!

URS provides a moving company to pack us up and move us out to Ohio so we are really being able to have a relaxing couple of weeks here in Rexburg before we make the trek out east not even having to pack ourselves up! It has been fun being able to go to the park and the duck pond and just hanging out as a family.

I have really been spoiled the last three years because all of Marks jobs have been sales jobs where he has been able to work on his own time and so we have been able to spend tons of time together as a family and I know I am really going to miss that. I must say, I am actually a little bit nervous to not have him around...well I guess he will be around but you know what I mean...not around ALL the time! It is going to definately be an adjustment thats for sure.

We are getting anxious to be able to get out to Ohio and find a place to live but we are waiting on the moving company to contact us and let us know when they will be coming to pack us up. Once they pack us up we are going to head out the next day. So until we hear from them we are going to continue kicking back and enjoying the lazy summer days!


The Vojak Family said...

hey honey! It's sam! I thought i would set one of these up for us-but i'm having some issues! You'll have to help me figure some stuff out for sure!
how are ya'll doing? It sounds like you are busy busy busy!! I have family in Ohio, so we'll be able to visit!! :)

Kjirsten said...

I think you need to come to Utah with all that free time:) Josh looks like he is having a blast with the ducks. What a cute kid! I hope everything goes well. Good luck!