Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Goodbye Rexburg...Hello Ohio

These past 2 weeks have been bitter sweet. We were sad to leave Rexburg. It was where the "Critchlow Crew" began. It was the first place we lived after we got married and we started our sweet little family there. But it was time to go and we have made the trek across the country to Avon, Ohio. It is about 20 miles west of Cleveland. Mark was hired on with URS Washington Division (formerly Washington Group International) and started work on August 18 smack dab in downtown Cleveland.

I was not looking forward to to the drive out, but it actually turned out to be not so bad. The DVD Player was our saving grace for the drive. It also helped that we stopped in Denver, CO at Andy's house (Marks brother) for a day. Josh got to play with his cousin Ayva. They are cute little buddies.

We were also able to stop at my Grandma Barkers house, Josh's Great-Grandma, in Topeka, KS the next night. It was good to visit with her. She is such a sweet grandma. I just love her!

Finally on the third day we made it to Columbus, Ohio where Marks sister Michele and her family live. We camped out there and Michele watched Josh while Mark, Natalie, and I went to Cleveland to find a place to live. We found a place the second day we were up there and so we were able to spend the rest of the week at Michele's. She always treats us good while we are there. Josh had fun playing with his cousins, Mackenzie, Tyler, and Jonathan. And Natalie enjoyed all the attention she got especially from Mackenzie!

Although we were dreading the trek out, it turned out alright and we all made it in one piece! We absolutly LOVE the area we live in. It is such a cute town and everything is so close by. It's nice!!

Mark is enjoying being a "business man". He really likes his job. So we feel very lucky to be here in Cleveland and are looking forward to seeing more of the area!


Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

FINALLY!! I have been waiting for this! :) I am glad to hear you made it there in one piece, and you found a place so fast! That's great. We sure miss you guys. Grace just goes crazy all day, and every time someone knocks on the door it's "Josh?!". It is dang cute but sad too. I want to see pictures of your place:) Are you guys getting settled and such? It's good to hear Mark likes his job. How are you holding up at home? Lots of questions:) I tried to call you but it just rang...so call me if you want=)

brittanyandtravis said...

I'm glad you guys made it and like the area! It makes a big difference if the area is nice and if the job is good.

suzanne said...

I am glad the trip went well. Leaving Rexburg was bitter sweet for us to. We really miss living there.