Thursday, December 24, 2009

We do still exist...

So much has gone on since the last time I blogged. But yes, we do still exist over here. We have had some major changes happen and some minor set backs that have kept me from blogging. But my new years resolution is to be better at keeping family and friends updated on our busy life. Sorry there are no pictures right now, but I will be better at posting here on out!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Family Pics

We took family pics while we were out at my parents place a couple of weeks ago. Our photographer did an amazing job! If you are ever in the DC area and want to get some great candid shots of your kids and family contact Tiffany Roundy at Here are a few of my favorites from our session.

Thursday, July 23, 2009 pictures

I know this post is super late. But we had such a busy month that I hated to not post about it.
Start at the very bottom of the post and read it from there.
We had a great time at Lance and Michele's! We ate great food (always), played lots of Rook, and had great fun outside in the sun!
Nana with Josh and Jon.

Tyler and Jonathan thought it looked pretty fun so they all dunked their heads too. Silly boys!!

Uncle Lance dunking Josh in a bucket of water!

We setup the big waterslide for the kids and they spent quite a while playing on it!

She did a great job dancing! Our favorite was the daddy/daughter dance she did with Lance.
So cute!!

All of us watching.

We went down for Mackenzies dance recital.

Josh and Jonathan playing in the sprinkler.
We then all headed down to Lance and Michele's house for the weekend.

The weather was perfect and it was a nice relaxing afternoon!
And went on a walk with Natalie.

Nana built sand castles with Josh.

We went to Huntington Beach and did a picnic lunch there.

Just a couple of days after we got back Nana (Marks mom) came to visit!!

It was great being able to get together with my Grandma's family. We had a fun trip to Oklahoma. We love you Great Grandma Barker!!

Putting flowers on Great Grandpa Barkers grave.

Grandma teaching Josh how to eat honeysuckles.

My brother Aaron and Mark

Mom, Me, Leah, Great Grandma Barker and Josh

Josh playing in the backyard.

My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary while we were there!
Happy Anniversary!!

Natalie adores Aunt Leah.

Great Grandma Barker and Josh.

Sweet Natalie.
Four generations- Me, Great Grandma Barker, Natalie, and Grandma

Hanging out in the hotel.

The family on Grandma Barkers front porch.

Watching an old gun fight.

Josh liked running through this caterpillar, but it is a little disturbing how they get in and out of it!
Funny Story- While we were watching the parade there were quite a few horses that went by with cowboys on them and one of the horses took a dump right in front of us, but on the street. Once the parade was over the first thing Josh did was run out to the BIG pile of dump and squatted down and just stared at it. A couple of the older people sitting on the side watching started laughing and said "You can tell he's a city boy!"

Natalie watching the parade at Nardin Days.

This old slide scared me to death. Of course, Josh LOVED it. Every time he would go down it Mark had to stand there because he would almost fly off the side!

Grandpa helping Josh climb this old wooden pole thing.

For Memorial Day weekend we packed up and headed to Blackwell, Oklahoma for a Mercer Family Reunion (my moms side of the family).
Natalie LOVES to be wrapped up and snuggled in blankets.

This keeps Josh entertained for a while!

Happy Birthday Love!

We kicked off our busy month of May with Marks 26th birthday on May 1st!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tot T-Ball

Josh started Tot T-ball this summer. His team is the Purple Indians!
Batting for the first time.
On first base.

Josh's best bud Max is on his team too!
Taking a water break between innings.

Josh and Max are funny together on the field. The coaches try and get them to play different positions but they always end up right next to each other. They are great friends.
Go Indians!