Thursday, July 24, 2008

Family Pictures

It is hard enough to get everyone looking good for family pictures. It doesn't help when where you go rushes you. We went to JC Penney to get our pictures taken and it was a nightmare! First off, Josh was being a typical 2 year old and didn't want to sit to get his pictures taken. Then Natalie was hungry so I had brought her a bottle and the lady told me we didn't have time to feed her because there was another appointment schedule right following ours...ughh I was so bugged. So we took family pictures, Natalie was crying, Josh was not cooperating and I was not happy! After the pictures I went ahead and ordered some pictures...not pleased at all...and ended up returning them because I couldn't justify paying 75 bucks for pictures I wasn't pleased with at all.

That day I met a girl at the play area who is a photographer so she gave me her blog and told me to check it out and if I liked her work to give her a call. So I did...and she is amazing!! Her blog is She took our family pictures and we just got them back so I thought I would post a few of the pictures she took. If any of you are thinking about getting your pictures taken I would definatly recommend her! She does a great job! She is more than worth the money!

It's about time...

I have had blog withdrawals lately!! We have been pretty busy around here this past week so my blog has been neglected. It's about time I update it to let everyone know what has been going on! My family and Mark's family came out for Natalie's baby blessing as well as for Mark and my graduation! We did it! Both of us finally graduated!! Mark finished with a BS in Business Finance and I finished with a BS in Child Development. It feels so good to be done, you have no idea...well a few of you probably know how good it feels!

Because all of our family was going to be out for graduation we decided to wait and bless Natalie when they would all be here. We ended up blessing Natalie on Friday in our home because our families were leaving on Saturday and wouldn't be here on Sunday. Mark gave her the most beautiful blessing. It looks like we are starting a tradition of blessing our kids in our home, Josh was blessed in our home as well.

Following graduation we went down to Bear Lake for a Vest Family Reunion (that is my side of the family!). My grandparents own a cabin on Bear Lake so it was nice to be able to go and relax and visit with family! We played lots of games, Mark went golfing with my dad, cousins, and uncles, and we spent time at the lake as well! Josh loves the water and had a fun time with his cousins (well they are actually my cousins...but they are the same age as my kids! I guess they are actually his cousins once removed or something like that!)

We are getting ready to head out to Cleveland. So it is going to be a little crazy at our house for the next week or so. We thought we were going to have to pack ourselves up and drive a moving truck out but it turns out URS (the company Mark is getting hired on with) actually arranges for a moving company to come and move us! So that is a huge relief not having to pack everything up ourselves! I think it will make this move a lot smoother. We are super excited about starting this adventure and will keep you all posted as to when we will be making the trek!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Big Change!

Well, the Critchlows actually have some exciting news! It all started about 2 months ago. For one of his classes Mark had posted his resume onto Y-Careers, a network the school has for students to upload their resumes so that employers can list job openings they may have as well as search for qualified candidates for job positions they have available. He recieved an email from a company, URS Washington Divison (, who had seen his resume and wanted to have a phone interview with him.

As we all know, Mark would love one day to have his own business, and that had been the route we were planning on pursuing, following graduation, here in Rexburg so Mark didn't think much of this job. But he didn't want to let an opportunity pass by so he went ahead with the interview. After the interview he was notified that someone from the company would be coming to Rexburg to host an information meeting and would like Mark to attend the meeting and then would like to interview him in person the following day. After learning this Mark decided to do a little research about the company.

Many things about the company caught Marks eye and sparked interest (Granted, Mark hasn't had much interest in working for anyone at all). The more research he did the more he liked the company so he decided to take it more seriously. There were about 15 people interviewed the same day Mark was interviewed and they were told that they would hear back from the company within 2 weeks (this was a Thursday). Well Mark and 3 others from BYU-Idaho got a phone call on Monday (just 3 days later) and they wanted to fly them to Cleveland for a final round of interviews. Mark was excited!

Well Mark recieved a phone call today and they offered him the position in Cleveland! So he got the job and we are packing our bags!! Many of you may think we are crazy, seeing as we just bought a townhome here in Rexburg about 4 months ago, but we already have renters lined up and things are falling into place. We feel that this is what is best for our little family and we are excited to see what life brings us!! We can't wait to be close to family again and to go back east!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sweet Natalie

I just LOVE having a little girl. After having Josh I thought it would be fun to have all boys because Josh is such a fun little boy. I am glad that that didn't happen! I must say that Natalie is a doll. She is such a happy baby! The moment you walk into the room she lights up. She loves it when she gets attention. She eats it up! And she smiles and giggles so much that it makes you want to play with her all day. And not to mention getting to dress little girls up...all the is too much fun!

Along with dressing little girls up...the other day Josh was being VERY 2. Throwing his fits and just being 2. So I decided it was Marks turn to deal with him and that I was going to put Natalie down for a nap. So I lock myself in Natalies room and start rocking her. Well she is smiling and not acting tired one bit. So I thought it would be fun to try some of her summer outfits on her. Remember...I left Mark out there with the little terror and I told him I wouldn't be long I was just going to put her down really fast and then I would be out to help. Well anyways I got a little carried away trying on all sorts of outfits and putting headbands on her and know having a little fashion show! Well I'm sitting there on the floor with Natalie and I hear a little "click." Mark was unlocking the door and I knew I was busted! I was caught red handed...not putting Natalie down for a nap but having a little fashion show! Needless to say, Mark thinks I use "putting Natalie down for a nap" as a little scapegoat from dealing with Josh!

But back to Natalie. She is my little girl and I could play with her all day if I had the time! I'm excited for her to grow and start interacting more, but I am definately enjoying the stage she is at right now. She is so cute and cuddly and her cheeks are so kissable!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Natalie is just starting to giggle and it is so much fun!!

Silly Boys!

Today we went to Riot Zone. It is in a little town next to Rexburg that has a bunch of fun things like go-karts and mini golf and then this area full of those inflatable bouncer things that kids (and dads!) can go crazy in! Mark and Josh had a blast! It was a workout for Mark...2 year olds have quite a bit more energy than 25 year olds. Why is that? I think we should have more energy the older we get because we have to keep up with the little munchkins!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!! I always love this holiday! I think it is so neat to see everyone wearing red, white, and blue and being patriotic. I just love the country we live in. We are so lucky!! We had a pretty fun and tiring day! We spent the day as a family at the zoo. Josh LOVED it! Lately he has been so fascinated by animals so he had a great time at the zoo today. We had to spend about 20 minutes at every exhibit...or so it felt! His favorites were the lions and the monkeys. He was growling at the lions what a tough little guy he is! Because it doesn't get dark until about 10:00 here we decided to pass on the fireworks. The kids go down between 7:00 and 8:00 at night....and Natalie is sleeping through the night now so nothing was worth messing that schedule up!! But after we put Natalie down for the night we went outside...even though the sun was still up...and did sparklers and poppers with Josh. He thought that was pretty fun! It is hard to see the sparklers in the pictures but I promise they are there!! Now that Josh is down Mark and I are going to kick our feet up and finish the night with a movie and rootbeer floats. Sounds so good right now! Here are just a few pictures of the zoo and doing sparklers with Josh. Enjoy!