Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Recap - July

July was fun for the kids! They had 2 very special visitors come. On July 1st, I had to have back surgery. I was having a new rod put onto my spine. The healing time is quite long so my mom came out to help with the kids for a few weeks.
Grandma put together a "Summer Book" for each of the kids and every day they made a new page to put in to their book.

They LOVED this time of day.

We had a couple great rain showers this summer.

If it wasn't thundering and lightening then the kids were out playing in it!

Josh and Grandma had fun taking pictures of each other.

Natalie burnt her back pretty bad on the fireplace this summer and so we had to put a stop on going to the pool for a while until the burn this was the substitute!

They built blanket forts.

I read books to the kids because all I could do was lay in bed or on the couch.

Grandma spent a lot of time sitting out front watching the kids ride their scooters.

And as always...according to Grandma...having an empty cookie jar is a sin. So Natalie and Grandma made cookies, quite often!

The kids LOVE when Grandma comes to play!!

The Critchlow Family Reunion was in French Lick, Indiana this year. I wasn't able to go but Mark took the kids and they had such a great time!

Sophie was blessed.

Cousins played.

Family relaxed and enjoyed each others company.

And cousins played even more! It is always a good time with the Critchlows and I wished I would of been well enough to go too!

We were lucky to have Daddy home for a few days and the kids couldn't get enough of him!

Grandma made Josh a cardboard set of armor and he STILL plays with it!

I couldn't do much. But I could paint Natalies toe nails, which she LOVES!

And my mom treated me to a amazing pedicure before she left!

My special spot on the couch.
After Grandma left Nana came to help for a couple weeks. I'm telling you, these kids were spoiled this summer! 2 Grandmas in 1 month! It can't get any better than that!

Nana and Josh sat and watched the thunderstorm.

I turned 25 (gasp)!!

More blanket forts...they are the best entertainment!

The kids liked swimming in our blow up pool in the backyard too.

Of course we played cards while Nana was here. It wouldn't be a trip without games.
The kids had so much fun with Nana while she was here. They went to story time at Barnes and Noble everyday. They played lots of games and read lots of books and went to the pool. They ate popsicles and played trains. And much much more. They were so happy to have Nana come play. It was a sad day when she had to go - sad for all of us!
Because I was out of commission for the rest of the summer we did lots of activites inside.
A favorite was painting rocks.

Cream cheese bagels were a favorite snack this summer.

Natalie had serious withdrawal from the pool! In fact, she would pretend she was swimming on our living room floor.

Surprise packages from Grandma always make the day great!
Summer 2010 Recap
To be continued...