Sunday, August 3, 2008


It is another gorgeous day in Rexburg today so after church Josh and I decided to go on a little walk around our neighborhood. I love going on walks with him because everything is so fascinating to a 2 year old. We had to stop and look at every flower, rock, and bug we passed.

There was one bug we passed, a grasshopper, that Josh became intrigued with. It made him giggle everytime he got close to it because it then jumped away. At first it was hopping around in the street, but then it hopped onto a pile of dirt and rocks (we live in a new development so they are still building homes around us so we have many of these) so it was hard for Josh to get to it. So me, trying to be a problem solver, told him to pick up a rock and throw it at the grasshopper to get it to jump off the pile of dirt and rocks. I figured, he is just a two year old, he'll probably get close enough to at least make it jump. Well, I shouldn't have underestimated his aim, he nailed that grasshopper straight on. It was the saddest thing I have seen in a while. Josh was devastated. He kept saying "Oh, oh, he owie (ouchie)" and making the most concerned and upset face.

Josh looked at me like why did you tell me to do that. I felt horrible because he was so upset. It was all my fault that the grasshopper was dead. Josh is such a sweet boy and feels really bad when he does anything to hurt anyone. We had to stay there with the grasshopper for a while and the only reason we left was because I made him. I think he would of sat by that poor bug all night. I just love Josh's sweet personality. He is such a kind boy. Love you Josh...sorry Mommy told you to throw a rock at the grasshopper! (I know I will never do that again!! We learn from trial and error as parents right?!!)


Strong Family said...

Amy your pics are so cute.I have been wanting to get Jailee's done and our families but didn't want to go to penneys either. How was her pricing? They look really good. Natalie is getting so big. We still need to hang out. I am in cali right now with family, but when i get back I will give you a call.

Strong Family said...

Hey What? Why are you guys moving to Ohio? Did Mark find a Job? How sad. Didnt you guys just get your place? Let me know