Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Natalie!

[My computer is acting up again and will only let me put the pictures at the top of the blog...has anyone else ever had this problem?]

One already, I can't believe how fast your first year went by! We have had so much fun having you in our family. You were such a chubby, cuddly baby and now that you are cruising around you are losing that cute baby chub and turning into an adorable little girl! You love life! When you get excited about things you react with your entire body! You LOVE to be held and I love this about you. When you first wake up you get so excited when we come in to get you and then you just want to snuggle for a little while before you get down to play. You have a contagious smile and are constantly smiling and giggling!

You absolutely adore your brother. You like to follow him around, but get really frustrated when he takes things from you. Sometimes you even try to fight back! One day you will be able to hold your own!!

You are in love with your daddy. When he walks in the room you can't move fast enough to get to him. Sometimes you fall because your body is moving faster than your feet! But you get right back up and giggle all the way to his arms! You are a chocolate lover just like him...probably because when you get upset he will feed you chocolate pudding and it calms you right down!
Some of your favorite things are: Snuggling. You will just curl up in my lap and snuggle, then look up at me-giggle-then snuggle some more! You are so cute! You love playing peek-a-boo. You really enjoy "helping" me load and unload the dishwasher. Sometimes it drives me crazy so I will try to load it super fast before you make over to "help" me! Nursing. This is your comfort. I don't know how I will ever wean you! Laughing with Josh. Sometimes I will find you two just laying next to each other on the floor, looking at each other, and giggling. Love it! EATING. You LOVE to eat! You are my meat and potatoes girl! You will eat just about anything and everything...except baby food! You only ate baby food for 1 month and then went straight to eating whatever we were having for dinner and you love it! Smiling. You make people smile wherever we go because you are always smiling. This is one of my favorite things about you. You are such a happy baby!



Tara said...

HaPpY bIrThDaY nAtAlIe!!! You forgot to mention how much she loves her little boy friend, Seth...I'll have to post some of their kisses on my blog. Have a Happy Easter!

The Vojak Family said...

Happy Birthday little love!! How wonderful is she?!
She's getting sooo big-make it stop!!lol Just stop feeding her, see where that gets you. :) I tried that with Gabe, but you see where that got me!
Happy Easter! :)

Ashley E. said...

Hey girlie! I can't believe your kids are SO big!! I never get on here anymore.. BUT I wanted to tell you that I'm moving to College Park, MD in 3 weeks for the summer to work! So hopefully I get to see you soon! :)

emily said...

Holy moly! Time really does fly by! It was great talking to you today...I will do better at keeping in touch. Happy Birthday Natalie I absolutely LOVE her hair, and her smile, she is the happiest baby I have ever seen!!

Martie said...

Happy, happy birthday to your beautiful little girl!!


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