Sunday, April 26, 2009


This past weekend the sun finally decided to come out in Ohio! We had great weather and knew it probably wouldn't last too long so we took full advantage of it. We spent the day outside with our good friends Tyler and Haylie. They are big outdoor people and have all that fun stuff so we went fishing with them in our neighborhood.
Josh and Haylie feeding the ducks.

Natalie was a little unsure of the ducks so she just stayed on the hill and watched.

The boys getting everything ready for fishing!

Mark and Josh putting a worm on the hook.

Josh liked the fishing for a little while, but I think it requires a little more patience than a 3 year old has! He spent most his time finding bugs and throwing rocks and sticks into the pond.

Mark caught the first little fishie of the day!

After doing a little scoping out of the pond Mark found an area with quite a few fish in it and had Josh come fish over there in hopes he would catch a little one! Well he did! He caught his very first fish ever and he even reeled it in himself! It was the biggest catch of the day!!

He liked catching it but didn't want to get too close to it!

Of course, on our walk home, we had to stop at the park and get a little see-saw action in!

Natalie was all tuckered out.
That evening we headed over to Tyler and Haylie's for dinner.
The kids look a little beat huh?!

We roasted hot dogs over a fire that the boys made in the grill...funny huh?! We had tons of fixin's for them and they were delish! A perfect way to top off such a great day!

The boys played some Bocci...

...and us girls watched them and enjoyed the weather!
Thanks Tyler and Haylie for such a fun day!! We love having you guys so close to us!!


Strong Family said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun.Can't wait for it to warm up here.

emily said...

Too fun! I LOVE Natalie's little cheeks in the yellow chair. looks like you guys wore them out for sure! Super fun. I guess we will have to postpone the cruise due to me being preggo...maybe we will plan a trip out that way then we can hang out!! We miss you! Looks like Ohio is treating you well.

Martie said...

That's my idea of a perfect day, Amy! Great friends, a fun outdoor activity, and food prepared outside! I love the pictures.


Harris said...

We just love you guys! We love being so close to you guys too!!! Ya'll have made cleveland so much fun for us!! Even though the weather SUCKS!!!!
You are your family are so fun! thanks for hanging with us!!!
PS Maybe since it is supposed to rain this weekend we should have a rook night!?

The Miles Family said...

Warm weather is the best! Don't you just love spring? Last weekend it got up to 92 degrees here. Natalie is growing so fast..she is bigger every time I see pictures of her. I love the picture of your kids in those chairs. They really do look overheated with those rosy cheeks. That's what happens when you play hard. Too cute!

gremhog said...

hey Emily....I just found What fun! My one son-in-law is a huge fisherman, mostly fly, and hence he's got his son (3) involved. I get to play with those 3 grands next weekend while their parents are away....hope we don't have to go fishing. I used to go with my dad, just to spend time with him...but I don't eat fish. Lovely blog...I'll be back

Trapper and Suzy said...

Hi! Can we be friends? You don't know me, but my husband knows you guys...kind of. We might possibly be moving out there near you guys and he said I should make friends, so here I am! haha
The area looks great from the pictures you took and fishing sounds AWESOME. Trapper is big into outdoor things and I love to fish as well. If you want to check out our blog it's

Millie said...

Your kids are so cute.

check out my blogs sometime.