Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend

This past weekend we went down to Maryland to visit my family. We had a very fun and relaxing weekend. Friday we went to the Baltimore Aquarium. Josh loves going there so we try to go everytime we visit. He loved the sharks and manta rays.

We also saw the 4D film Planet Earth. Josh was so into it. He wore the glasses the entire time. During the show water sprays in your face and things poke you in your back and flick your feet. Its really fun. Well it didn't seem to phase Josh at all. He didn't even say anything about the water spraying him until after the show was over. The boy was into it!
Natalie loves the water, so watching the manta rays was torture for her. She didn't want to watch them swim, she wanted to be swimming with them!
That night we partied!...Grandpas (my dads), Josh's, and Natalie's birthdays are all within a few days of each other so we had a little celebration for all three of them! Grandma made Grandpa his favorite cherry pie and made Josh and Natalie a fun caterpillar cake.

On Saturday we watched General Conference and ate yummy nachos. Between sessions Grandma did an easter egg hunt with Josh and Natalie. They LOVED it. Natalie was a little unsure of what was going on, so Josh filled her basket for her. She just liked to take the eggs out of her basket and put them back in. Josh on the other hand had a ball. It was cute, when he first started collecting eggs he was putting all the "girlie" colors (pink, yellow, purple) into Natalies basket and putting the "manly" colors (orange, blue, green) into his basket. Then he noticed that some of the eggs were dinosaur heads so Natalie ended up with all the eggs that were not dinosaur heads and Josh's basket could only hold the dinosaurs. Funny boy! After he would find all the eggs. He would dump the candy out of all of them, then put the candy back in all of them, and we would hide them again! I think he hunted the easter eggs 7 times!!

[The pictures are up top. For some reason my computer would not let me drag them down. Annoying.]

It was such a gorgeous day that we got the kites out and went kite flying. This is the first time Josh has ever flown a kite, but the boy knew just what to do. He loved flying the spiderman kite!

Grandpa got Joshua hooked on popsicles. I can't even begin to count how many popsicles he ate while we were there. Now all he wants to eat is popsicles. When I ask him what he wants for breakfast this is his reply, "Ummm, popsicle mom." No Josh, we can't have popsicles for breakfast. "Ummm, orange popsicle mom." Thank you Grandpa!!

The kids love to go to "Uncle Max's" house, as Josh calls it. It is not Grandmas or Grandpas house. Thanks for a great weekend Mom and Dad!


The Vojak Family said...

haha, that's what grandparents are for, right?! My parents love to use that to their advantage! Oh well!
It looks like ya'll had a great time visiting your mom and dad! I can't wait to get to Maryland! We should be getting the final ok to go here soon...I just hate the waiting game, aka the military. ha
You should swing by my page and leave a comment or something! It seems like i write blogs and what not, but no one ever leaves messages!
Hope you and the family are doing well, miss talking to you!

The Vojak Family said...

hey honey-
yes, you should definately purchase the book, it will be money well spent for sure! Check the movie out, too, Fireproof. TERRIBLE acting, but the message is really wonderful!
I CANNOT WAIT until we move!! I want to explore!! AND of course be closer to you and the babies!! :)
Still up for helping me decorate? :)