Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Daddy's Boy

Joshua is such a daddy's boy. He has been so spoiled being able to spend so much time with Mark. When we were both in school we would do the baby swap so when I was in class it was just Josh with his daddy that whole time. Those boys would play the whole time I was in class. I would come home and they would still be in their PJ's wrestling or eating cookies or just hanging out! Josh adores Mark and now copies everything he does. The other day we were at the splash park and Mark was sitting on the bench and Josh came up and sat next to Mark so Mark puts his leg up across his other leg and Josh did the same thing...it was way too cute. I wished I had my camera, but I didn't! Mark is such a great dad and I love it that Josh looks up to him so much, I hope he always wants to be just like his dad!


thechristensens said...

Those boys and their Dads! Noah is the same way! Macie started out being a total Momma's girl, but now is turning into quite the Daddy's girl, it's kind of sad! But I guess it just makes way for the new baby, right? I forgot to tell you how to make those collage things that I have, it's through Picasa. I don't know if you have that on your computer or not, it's how we store all of our pictures. We love it, and it's very easy, and there is just an option to make a collage on the bottom. You just select the pictures you want to collage and there are others to choose from, but I like the picture grid the best. Anyway, hope it helps!

Bevans said...

Amy, hey i don't know if you remember us, but i found your blog through kayci's. check out our blog
your kids are adorable. I had heard you had a girl just recently. congrats. congrats on finishing school i admire those who are moms and still go to school. it will be fun to see what you are up to.
kristyn bevans