Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We finally got our first snow of the season! Church was cancelled and we had a nice, relaxing Sunday.

We don't see much snow here so the kids were sure to get out and play in it!

It was super windy. I was surprised how long they lasted.

Our beach buckets can be used for all sorts of things!

They liked playing on the side of the house because it wasn't as windy.

We enjoyed hot chocolate afterwards. It is so fun being able to enjoy the snow from inside. I remember my mom always having hot chocolate and goodies for us when we came in from playing outside and it is so fun to be the one making them inside while everyone else is outside playing!

We made some brownies.

And did a lot of relaxing!
I live for days like this!

Dear Snow,
Don't stop.
Please stay for a while.
We would love to get enough
to make a snowman tomorrow!!

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The Trees said...

Cold and happy. Yep, being in and watching them outside was nice.
Monkey Joes, Wed? We'll talk.