Thursday, December 4, 2008

"I'm a Monkey Mommy"

Josh's newest craze is being a monkey. No matter where we are or what we are doing he finds a way to be a monkey. In Target I usually get those monster buggies that seat both kids and Josh, of course, won't sit he likes to stand and hang/swing on the bar saying "Mommy, I'm a monkey" followed by a screaching "Ooo-ooo, Ahh-ahh". Heads are turning in the store to see what that horrific sound is! I then proceed to ask him to be a quiet monkey so he then whispers "Mommy, I'm a monkey" followed by the same loud screaching "Ooo-ooo, Ahh-ahh". Oh well, whatever makes him happy!!

Yesterday, I hear Josh yelling "Mommy, I'm a monkey" over and over from my bedroom. I can only imagine what he is doing this time. I'm a little nervous, I walk in and he has climbed onto the tall dresser in our bedroom and is jumping off of it saying "Ooo-ooo, Ahh-ahh." Luckily, we had to move our lovesac into our bedroom so we could put our Christmas tree up in the sunroom so he was landing in the lovesac. It actually looked like a lot of fun!

I love this age. Josh has such a cute little personality and is learning new things so quickly. He amazes me. He always adds some excitement to my days! I love you my little monkey!

What a cute little monkey!!

I just love this kid!

He also likes to prove he's a monkey by hanging on the doorknobs!!


Harris said...

He is definitely a monkey alright. I wish I was that age again i want to jump from high places into something comfy!

Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

How fun! It is so fun to have two kids. I bet you just love it cause Natalie is getting bigger too=) I got that bag! Thanks for that! I love it. It has so much room & is totally organized.

Strong Family said...

How cute. That age does seem like fun. Hey I was going to ask you how you know about at home america and if you know anyone who does it?

The Miles Family said...

Oh I love that last picture. You really do have a little monkey on your hands!

brittanyandtravis said...

what a cute boy!