Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fives about me!

Top 5 Movies

The Bourne Series
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Notebook
The Family Man

5 Things To Do Today Or Tomorrow

Go to the Cleveland Cavaliers Game!
Fold laundry (boooo...)
Make dinner
Give my kids baths
Get the mail

5 Things In My Purse

Burp Cloth
Teething Tablets

5 Goals

To be a good mom.
To learn how to be a great cook. (Mark always appreciates a great home cooked dinner...lets just say I'm working on it!)
To work out. (Being a junk food junkie + Having had 2 kids = Out of shape!)
To get caught up with my kids scrapbooks.
To make the most of each day and to find joy in the journey!

5 Random Things About Me

I always clean the kitchen before I start cooking.
I must have the beds made every morning before I can get anything else done.
I love reality televison shows.
The thing I miss most about pre-children life is laying out by the pool with a good magazine!
I always enjoy a nice crunchy pickle.

1 comment:

The Miles Family said...

I always look forward to your new posts. You and I are a lot a like. I could agree with you on almost everything (for myself) except for the crunchy pickle...Yuck! :)