Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bye Bye Paci!

I am finally rid of the blasted pacifier! I don't know what it is with those things, but to Josh it was like crack. He NEEDED that darn thing in his mouth at all times. He wouldn't even be sucking on it. It would just be sitting in his mouth or hanging half way out of his mouth but it HAD to be in his mouth! Anyways I got sick of him always freaking out when it wasn't in his mouth and he didn't know where it was so we went cold turkey...bye bye paci! Actually, the baby turtles at the zoo needed them so they took them!
We went to the zoo this past friday and had a great time! I really like the Cleveland Zoo. It puts the Idaho Falls Zoo to shame! But we loved the Idaho Falls Zoo while we were there. Josh was very fascinated with the bears at the zoo but his all time favorite this time were the turtles, which are actually in a section of the zoo that is open all year long called The Rainforest. He went nuts over the turtles and wanted to stand and watch them all day! It was a good thing we did the zoo first and then the rainforest because I don't think we would of got to the zoo had we done the rainforest first!
Anyways, I am so glad that we are done with this whole pacifier business. I swear we were keeping NUK in business with how many we were buying here towards the end. Josh would rip holes in them every other day it seemed like. Although we have rid our house of them, Josh has not forgot about them. Everyday he asks about his paci and then says baby turtle in the same sentence. So he knows that the baby turtle has his pacifiers. So yes, we are having withdrawals over here...but we are done! Next on the list is potty training...any ideas??


Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

FUN! We love the Utah Zoo=) I am impressed you did away with the paci!! Good luck with that;) About potty training I say try it, at least for a couple of days, if it doesn't work out right away wait a few weeks or so try it again. We kept grace in diapers when we would be gone for the weekend or go out in public. (I couldn't handle the mess) Some people do it cold turkey though and don't ever put the diaper back on. You'll have a lot of cleaning up to do but it will teach him not to rely on the diaper. Grace was actually really easy...sorry I don't have much more advice. You can do it!! keep us posted on what you decide to do!

thechristensens said...

{this is like the 3rd time I've tried to comment, hopefully it works this time!} Oh, the pacifier. Noah finally got rid of his just before he turned 3...like the week before! He "helped the crying baby at Wal-Mart"! It worked. And when you find the best potty training tip, let me know. Because when Josh is fully potty trained, odds are Noah still won't be. I've heard boys are tough...but this is ridiculous! We've been working on it for 2 years! Good luck with it, though!

Nikki said...

I have tried a few times to rid Claire of "bee, bee" as she lovingly calls her paci. But I am a whimp and keep giving it back to her. I guess I just have to trash all of the ones left over so I am not tempted.

emily said...

I am amazed that you got him to quit cold turkey...that's how Julie stopped- we couldn't find it so she slept without it!! The zoo looks like fun, if we make it your way for a visit we will have to go.