Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have been terrible at blogging ever since our camera ended up in the bottom of the pool. We have been so busy around here and are having a ton of fun, but no pictures. I hate not having a camera. I never realized just how much I used it until now that it is gone. I feel like I'm missing out on chapters of my kids lives! (Even though it has only been a little over a month!!) I'm also one who loves to look at pictures and I don't really like to blog without being able to put pictures up. So sorry to those of you who are like me and LOVE pictures. I don't have any. I'm thinking I will have to use some of our tax return to purchase a new one. I wasn't completely satisfied with my last camera. Any suggestions for great cameras you love?!!

I'm lost without my camera.


The Vojak Family said...

hey honey- if you still want mine, that's fine with me...i've just been at my parents since we talked about it; and it's at my house in wichita!
If you don't- I LOVE my cannon! You can do red eye right on it, i ADORE it! Super fast at taking the pictures, so you don't miss the little faces and what not...
love yoU!

Lisa said...

Hey Amy,

Just wondering if you guys lived in Cleveland? Cory and I were both thinking that was where you guys lived now. It is kind of late notice but, Cory and I are coming to town (well, he is working there this coming week and we are coming with him for a few days) I wanted to see if you'd like to get together perhaps on Tuesday during the day, we could let the kids play and catch up. Anyway, e-mail me if you get a chance at and we'll get something worked out.

Lisa Hansen

Millie said...

Hi Amy,
Sorry about the camera. I am also searching for a new one myself, but I haven't found one that appeals to me yet. But when ever you can take a peek at my 3 blogs.

The Vojak Family said...

hi honey-
Yes yes, two miles! It feels soo good when i finish! Actually, I honestly feel like i could run another, but then I come to my senses and go inside...haha
I just had pictures of the boys done today-OH MY did they turn out great!!! Give me your email would ya?-And i'll send you the link to them, so you can tell me whatcha think!!
love ya