Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where Has Fall Gone?

I really enjoy living where there are four seasons. I don't think I could live somewhere that didn't have all four. I love the changing colors during the fall and the crisp days, cool enough for a jacket or sweater but not so cold that you need a coat. This year is flying by. It seems as if here in Ohio the fall has come and gone and winter is setting in. For the past couple of days it has been snowing and believe it or not, I LOVE it! I love that we had a nice warm summer, a decent fall, and now it is time for winter! It's coming just in time for the holidays! I feel like this time of year feels complete with a little bit of snow on the ground!

Living in Rexburg for the past 3 years, I really missed the changing colors of fall! It seemed out there, despite the fact that there aren't many trees, that fall was almost non-existant. It felt like it would go from summer to winter and back to summer! So I am really enjoying being back out east with all four seasons and so many trees!!

A few days ago we went to Huntington Beach, it is right on Lake Erie, and had a picnic. Mark and Josh played a little football (as much as you can with a 2 year old!) and Natalie and I cheered them on! The trees were gorgeous, the air was crisp, it was the perfect fall day!


brittanyandtravis said...

I'm glad you guys are enjoying Ohio!

Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

Cute pictures! This year, we have actually had a wonderful fall. But I agree with you that I love fall as well!! I am still looking forward to some snow out here...=) It was nice to read an update!

Beth&TJ said...

Your family is the cutest! I love your photos. And I love fall too! It's weird here in North Carolina, it was really warm up until a few weeks ago and now its really chilly. But it makes me excited for Thanksgiving.
Which will be so weird, since we're having it at our apartment this year!

Are you all going to be in MD for Christmas at all?

Darren and Traci said...

Hey thanks for finding our blog and leaving a comment. And thanks for the congrats on the baby, it was VERY unexpected and we didn't expect our kids to be so close in age, but we are excited about it.

No we aren't in Rexburg anymore, we moved in December when Darren graduated and bought a house in Utah where we took a job. We never thought we would live here but we actually love it out here.

It looks like you guys are doing well. Your little guy looks like such a stud and I love how sweet and cuddly your little girl looks.

I'm going to add you to our links so I can stay in touch better, it's nice to keep up on what people are up to on here.

Kimberly said...

I totally understand how you feel about Winter being here. I'm very excited but I wish we got snow here like you guys do! I love the pictures and it sounds like a lot of fun! I hear those beaches are so close to the "real" beaches... Glad all is going well!